Character Sheet v2.0

Updated the character sheet with new font and to correct alignment issues


runecairn_character_sheet_fillable_v2.0.pdf 1 MB
Dec 06, 2021

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What do the circles mean? Like in the inventory, the skills, the armour & weapons section?

For the inventory sections, the circles are for how many slots the items take up. In skills, one circle notes that the skill is a Reaction and the other that it causes Fatigue when used.


How do I download the character sheet? Odd question, I know. :)

The PDF is included in the game files for download, but you can also get it from here:

Depending on how it opens for you, you can download a copy using Save or Save As

Ah got it. Thanks!


I purchased this excellent game from Ratti Incantati and received the physical copy and the PDF version. How do I get it linked to to show that I have purchased it? I'd like to add the fillable character sheet. Does this get purchased separately?

Glad you’re enjoying it and thanks for buying from Ratti Incantati! You can get a free copy of the character sheet at the Runecairn website: