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Hi. Maybe this isn't the best place to ask, however: in the SRD, under Resilience, I see that you roll on the Omen table "When an attack reduces a PC’s Resilience to exactly 0".

  • can Resilience be negative? If not, why to put that "exactly"?
  • Anyone with a full inventory (all slots filled) is "reduced to 0 Resilience". I suppose this doesn't activate the Omen, correct?

Finally, while I see the importance of the Souls (and I know Dark Souls well 😁), there are really few suggestions about their value, rarity etc. I mean, if a single Soul can be exchanged in the Bonfire for a permanent +1 to a Characteristic, a single soul is hugely useful. You can easily "break" the game with them.

Also, no suggestions about exchanging them for equip, and there are few details about Soul Remnants too. 

Finally, this is a RpG, so you usually hang around with a whole party. What if you die, but your pals are around? You resurrect to bonfire (so, probably far away from the action, for a while). Can your pals take your abandoned souls? If this is the case, then there's almost no need to the "don't die twice or the souls are wasted" rule.

Thanks in advance.


Thanks for the questions!

Resilience hitting exactly 0 is an unusual occurrence and therefore triggers a rare event (an Omen). Having a full inventory does not trigger an Omen, no.

Souls are very useful and potentially game-breaking, yes. They're the equivalent of a level up and would normally only drop from the boss of a dungeon or as a special reward. Because Souls have the potential to change gameplay quite a bit I've left it mainly up to interpretation by the warden (GM).

Runecairn is primarily designed to be a game for one warden and one player (so no typical adventuring parties), mainly for reasons you mention (the bonfire breaks a lot of standard RPG convention). You can always have one primary player and have the others be summoned NPCs (like in Dark Souls) who disappear when the "host" dies.

As always, different interpretations will exist on different tables and with different wardens, so go with whatever works best for your group!

Thanks and enjoy!