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Berserkr. Ferocious and powerful, wade into battle with no armour upon your back, wielding a massive two-handed sword and call upon the power of beasts to strengthen your attacks.

Pyre. Shape flame as a blacksmith shapes iron, calling upon ravenous fire to burn and purge and channel primal forces through your own two hands.

Balance favour and sorrow or read the runes to guide your way solo through a pre-written adventure, or conjure a random dungeon crawl with the delve generator.

Navigating the world of Nine Realms can be a lonely endeavour, but thankfully there are kindred spirits available to assist with jolly cooperation.


Runecairn: Advanced Rules is a 20-page, black and white tabletop RPG supplement for Norse fantasy roleplaying game Runecairn, adding new starting classes and optional rules. Runecairn is based on Cairn by Yochai Gal, with streamlined rules, fast character creation, and gameplay based on exploration and player choice.

Advanced Rules Includes:

  • 2 new advanced starting classes: Berserkr, Pyre
  • New options for solo play with a rune-based oracle
  • New random delve generator for creating Norse dungeons
  • New options for 3 or more players with summoned allies and invasions

Requires Runecairn: Core Rules.

Please note, everything in Advanced Rules is already included in Runecairn: Wardensaga. This is a standalone book for those who already have Runecairn: Core Rules and Beneath the Broken Sword or for those who prefer modular books.

What Others Have Said

Thank you for such an awesome game - I loved reading Runecairn and it’s on my list of 2022 games to get to the table. And the layout is lovely too.

– Rich August (@RpgAugust), Steamforged Games

This is a quality game, adapting Cairn to an apocalyptic Norse setting with a greater emphasis on arms, armour and combat without losing the deadly and considered tone of the its forebear.

– Sebrina Calkins (@EntwifeXP), reviewer

TTRPG icons by Gontijo, released as public domain

CategoryPhysical game
Release date Apr 20, 2022
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
AuthorBy Odin's Beard RPG
GenreRole Playing
TagsFantasy, Norse, nsr, runecairn, Tabletop role-playing game


Buy Now£4.00 GBP or more

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All is based on PDF Runecairn: Core Rules  v2.1.

  1. "Dual and 2-handed weapons. If attacking with two weapons at the same time or one weapon held in both hands, gain damage advantage. "    Do what mean that bulky weapons like Breaking maul("Heavy two-handed maul with dense iron head fixed to reinforced oak shaft" so mention two-handed) and Hewing spear("Long oak shaft with curved iron blade" not anything about two-handed) can be used one-handed and you use it two-handed if you want the  "gain damage advantage" from "Dual and 2-handed weapons" part of the rules? Why I feel I need to ask is that I want to assume that bulky weapons need to be used with 2 hands but if the gives damage advantage automatically and you  no choice to but to 2 hand it to use it then "Smash: Bludgeon your opponent with damage advantage; target needs to make Str save or be knocked down (Fatigue)" only the weapon Breaking maul gets then the damage advantage from both 2 hands and from smash seems weird that you always get it 2 time, that to my understanding do nothing extra to having it only 1 time.
  2. "Dual and 2-handed weapons. If attacking with two weapons at the same time or one weapon held in both hands, gain damage advantage. ".    As we are talking about this I can ask about it can I use two Axe, bearded one in each hand to gain damage advantage or is it only meant for Hand axe and Hunting knives.
  3. "Parry (reaction): Deflect an incoming attack and riposte (Str) • Success: Avoid all physical damage and retaliate for double damage • Failure: Retaliatory attack from the target at double damage"    How is this meant to work? Like if you success then you "Avoid all physical damage" and I understand that part, but "retaliate for double damage" part I am not sure how to use. My 2 way to read it is to 1. Get a free attack as part of the parry what will do double damage, or 2. That if you attack with your action on your next turn it will do double damage. So what why is it meant to be or maybe I am completely wrong, then plz tell me how it works.    Then same similar for failure. Is it the attack that is being parry that do double damage or will the attack that is being parry do the damage normally can then "Retaliatory attack from the target at double damage" mean that it gets an other free attack and that will do double damage? So how is all this meant to work when a failure happens when parry.
  4. "Multiple attackers. If multiple attackers target the same foe, roll all damage dice and keep the single highest result (damage advantage)."    This one I have what I think it will do but I am not sure so here I hope you can conform or correct me. I think it works that say 3 monster attack your character then all attack as normally to check how much damage they do, but you only apply the highest. Example: monster A hits for 4 dmg, monster B hits for 3 dmg and monster C hits for 5 dmg, then you are only hit for 5 dmg and that is what you can use your reaction to avoid damage or how you want to defend your self or not. Or have I misunderstand it and it works some other way?
  5. "Roll: Make a Dex save to roll away from an enemy’s attack, avoiding all physical damage (causes Fatigue) • Withdraw: Make a Dex save to disengage from combat and retreat, avoiding all damage; failing the save means you escape but still take damage from the attack"    Can you explain Withdraw here what you mean as it do not seems to causes Fatigue can that seems to make it better then roll in all kind of ways. Like withdraw will "avoiding all damage"(that will also be magic damage I think) instead of roll that says "avoiding all physical damage". So how do you intend withdraw to function so that it will not be a better roll what also don't causes Fatigue.
  6. "While resting, spend 1 soul to permanently increase one of the following attributes: Strength, Dexterity, Wits, Spirit, or Vitality. "    Are there any limits, or can you go as high as you want. Like sure more then 19 won't help you get better rolls, but as you can lose strength that even higher is useful.    And "Parry (reaction)" as far as a can tell have no Fatigue cost making it super strong with high Strength value, making it posable to be near godlike when able to Parry to "Avoid all physical damage".

Answered this here:



any chance for community copies again?

Absolutely! I just added an extra 100.


This is an awesome little game!  I am looking forward to some solo dungeon delves!

Thanks, glad you’re enjoying it!


Is there a spot for monster creation?

Not specifically for Runecairn yet, but there are a good number of monsters for Cairn and guidance on how to convert OSR monsters: https://cairnrpg.com/resources/monsters.

I adapted Runecairn from Cairn so a lot of the principles are the same.

Okay, off I go to find some Cairn monsters.  I am so jazzed by these rules!

Terrific solo playthrough using the Runecairn Delve Generator!