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Released as part of A Town, a Forest, a Dungeon, a Cairn game jam.

Shipwrecked on a desolate shore. Cursed by demonic forces. Surrounded by undead horrors at every turn. Can your adventurers brave the lost caverns and solve the curse of the Barghest?

Howl is a 44-page, black and red adventure for Cairn, with a setting inspired by English folklore and Ravenloft. Set in the world of Boroz, an accursed and mist-shrouded land filled with dangerous creatures and eldritch influence.

Howl Includes:

  • 8 overland locations & 12 dungeon rooms filled with lost mysteries and dark secrets.
  • 20 horrifying new monsters, from the dim-witted wereowl to the terrifying gharblest.
  • Converted & updated for Cairn from 5e adventure The Howling Caverns.

Built using the Classic Explorer template and entered into the Classic Explorer Workshop.

What People Are Saying

Clayton Notestine (@ClayNotestine), designer and educator:

The information design brings a tear to my eye.

Rowan H. (dice.camp), reviewer (Dododecahedron):

[HOWL] distinguishes itself through its organization, visual clarity, and overall user-friendliness.
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
AuthorBy Odin's Beard RPG
Tagscairn, dungeon, Folklore, Horror, Tabletop role-playing game


Buy Now£6.00 GBP or more

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New Youtube video up, gives a preview of Howl along with some explanations of the origins.


COLIN!!! As always, this is FREAKING DOPE!


Thanks Matt!


This may be an obvious question, but since this is converted & updated for Cairn, would it also work for Runecairn?

You can use it for Runecairn with some minor changes:

  • Change WIL to Wits or Spirit
  • Change critical damage effects to dire strike
  • Add a bonfire to the beginning of the dungeon

The setting era will be a little off, but it should still work.

Will work for We Deal in Lead as well!